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Reporting Made Easy

The system of record for regulatory filings and data submissions.

Comprehensive Forms

All regulator forms in an organized system.

Simple Questions

Answer easy-to-understand question to determine which forms and filings are required by regulators.

Reusable Data

Enter your data once and use it over and over. Never re-key data again.

Understandable Dashboards

Know at a glance what is due, who is working on it, and what still needs to be completed prior to submission.

News & Announcements

FilingMate to Appear on “Shark Tank”

Insurance Shark Tank, Here We Come!

FilingMate was selected from a large pool of applicants to be one of 5 companies to pitch a panel of insurance-focused venture capital professionals at the Insurance Nexus conference in Chicago on November 30 and December 1.

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FilingMate Co-Founder to Appear on Insurance Innovators Podcast

FilingMate co-founder, Scott Soderstrom is appearing on the Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast with Abel Travis in an upcoming episode.

In the episode, Scott and Abel discuss (i) Scott’s slightly non-traditional path to insurance, (ii) areas of potential innovation within the insurance industry, (iii) ways to work with established carriers or new startups in a way which minimizes risk to both parties and sets both up for a successful long-term partnership, (iv) the pros and cons to investing early, and (v) the role FilingMate has to play in making regulatory filing processes more effective and efficient.

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FilingMate Presents at Insurtech Boston on November 9

FilingMate has been invited to present at Insurtech Boston Episode 4.

Insurtech Boston takes place on Thursday, November 9th at District Hall in Boston. It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with insurance startups, carrier executives, venture capitalists and other industry or other interested professionals to discuss the future of insurance. FilingMate will be one of three featured startups sharing their stories with an expected audience of over 300 people.

Insurtech Boston

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100s of Regulators;
1000s of Filings

Insurance is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. It is highly fragmented, with regulation of insurance companies handled by states, national and international bodies, local boards, bureaus, fair plans, and others. Research cited by the US Treasury department suggest the costs of this fragmented regulation costing over $12 billion.

Knowing which regulators, require what data, in what format, when, and how that data must be delivered is a massive challenge for even the largest insurance companies. FilingMate can help. If you are a compliance, finance, underwriting, or claims professional struggling to manage data requests from regulators, send us a note.

FilingMate is Reporting Made Easy.


More Accurate.

Finding forms and entering data is not fun. Our software organizes common filings and compliance requests from insurance regulators in an intuitive, modern interface. We ask simple questions and, based on your responses, present only necessary forms for completion.

When absolutely required, data captured and stored for reuse; you’ll never enter the same data twice, minimizing typos and speeding review processes. And, for bulk operations, simply upload a spreadsheet.


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The system of record for regulatory filings and data submissions.

FilingMate combines a robust forms library with an intuitive workflow engine and simple user interface to help you focus only on only those forms and filing requirements which matter most to your organization. Once filings are ready for submission, FilingMate can also deliver files to regulators and confirm receipt.